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Comfort Mat TSUNAMI (2nd/3rd layer) is an updated product in Comfort Mat Expert range of materials.It is an acoustic foam AcoFoam II, made on the basis of a mixture of synthetic rubbers, 18 mm thick with a strong sealant type adhesive.

The material is designed for installation on the external “panel” of the door, for professional high-quality acoustic preparation of the door volume. Eliminates negative and acoustic phenomena: reflection, standing waves, superposition of waves one on top of another (“ECHO” effect). It greatly improves the sound quality of acoustic speakers, and is also an excellent noise isolator.

If you want the best the best isolation for doors, you need to use Tsunami as 3rd layer inside the door.


Thickness – 18 mm,
Sheet size – 350 x 500 mm,
Adhesion – 5-8 N / cm,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd/3rd layer.
4 pcs in one pack.
Price for 1 pc.

Place to use:
Doors/Wheels arches

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