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VISION (6 mm)


Comfort Mat VISION (2nd layer) is flexible, soft, lightweight, waterproof material, resistant to climatic changes, with increased noise isolating featureas. It is produced of high-performance acoustic foam, made of a mixture of synthetic rubbers.
The material is used as a 2nd layer on top of vibration deadening mat.
TIP: If you want to get a great noise isolating result, you need to use BLOCKATOR as a 3nd layer on top of VISION. This will give you -35 db !!!

Thickness – 6 mm,
Sheet size – 700 x 1000 mm,
Sheet weight – 0,37  kg,
Weight – 0,53  kg/m2,
Adhesion – 6-8 N / cm,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd layer.
15 pcs in one pack.
Price for 1 pc.

Place to use:
Outer door layer
Wheel arches
Engine firewall
Interior and trunk floor

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