Comfort Mat BLOCKATOR (3rd layer) is a finishing soundproofing barrier made as a self-adhesive acoustic membrane. Thanks to the use of unique HW-fillers in the manufacture of the membrane, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in its weight (with a thickness of only 3 mm – the weight is 5,14 kg / m2.), which made it possible to create a material with a high level of sound isolation (up to 32 dB) in the range from 50 to 3000 Hz.

Blockator is used in addition to noise isolator VISION or FUSION, therefore it is installed as a final top layer in places with high noise load: wheel arches, floor, trunk, engine firewall.
Due to its high flexibility, it is easy to install, does not require heating, and does not absorb moisture.

Thickness – 3 mm,
Sheet size – 500 x 700 mm,
Sheet weight – 1,8  kg,
Weight – 5,14  kg/m2,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 3rd layer.
5 pcs in one pack.
Price for 1 pc.

Place to use:
Wheel arches
Interior and trunk floor
Engine firewall




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