Who are we?


COMFORT MAT is a fast growing innovative producer of car sound deadening materials with a wide range of products to satisfy every clients´ requirement. Starting its production back in 2009, high standards and European quality was the basis to create the best product on the market.


What makes us special is that we offer only the best solutions for car noise deadening. You can find only multilayer isolators in our product range, because single layer isolators are past: they are not effective and we dont want to sell products that dont work good.
Same goes to the deadening mats: the thinnest we have is 2mm. Thinner deadening mats are way to light to take vibrations off and give you result you look for.
You can watch videos with tests of COMFORT MAT materials on our YouTube channel or Instagram.

COMFORT MAT produces sound deadening material with the highest requirements to the quality, making them top products on the market. With a wide range of materials and installation knowledge we can fulfil any requests. It doesn’t matter if you want your car to be quiet or you are car audio enthusiast, COMFORT MAT is the product you need to achieve your goals.

Price politics

Good products cannot be cheap.
Ask yourself: is price the only criteria you look for when choosing sound deadening? The answer is obvious: it is not! You look for material that works, that is effective, material that is nice to work with, modern material engineered with the latest technologies.

Don´t be fooled by those who offer you low prices and high quality! Remember that your main goal is to get the best result and imagine how disappointed you will be if you spend money and time without achieving your goal. Our products are not the cheapest, but in the end of the day you understand what you pay for – COMFORT in your car. In order to be competitive on the market we do our best to offer you an affordable product with the best quality.

Partnership with EMMA Global


We are proud to say that from 2024 we are a partner of EMMA Global. Not only it opens doors to new markets, but makes COMFORT MAT recognizable and trustful brand.
We are doing our best to provide customers with the best sound deadening possible, and with EMMA we are going to expand our distribution chain worldwide.

We are also happy to announce that we take part in CAR MEDIA WORLD (EMMA FINALS) that will be held in Salzburg 16–18 May 2025.
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Test reports and certificates

TOXICITY TEST REPORT from KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology – download file (Vespa, Integra)
TOXICITY TEST REPORT from KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology – download file (Bronze, Viper, Soft Wave Expert)
FIRE TEST according to  Regulation No. 118 UNECE, Annex 6, by SYCHTA LABORATORIUM Sp. J. download file