VIPER (3 mm)

Comfort Mat VIPER is a 3mm vibration deadening mat with foil thickness of 120 microns.
It has an increased adhesion to metal, mastic is made from a mixture of special polymers.
The use of a modified elastomer in the composition of the mastic gives the material a high mechanical loss factor, excellent adhesion, resistance to environment and a wide temperature range of work.
VIPER mats are not afraid of water, they have sealant and anti-corrosion features and dont need heating during installation.

Thickness – 3 mm,
Sheet size – 500 x 700 mm,
Foil thickness: 120 microns.
Mechanical loss factor – 0.49,
Sheet weight – 1,28 kg,
Weight – 3,65 kg/m2,
Adhesion – 14 N / cm,
Water proof – YES.
Used as a 1st layer.
10 pcs in one pack.

Place to use:
Interior and trunk floor
Engine firewall
Wheel arches
Trunk lid

EAN 4640107332442




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