TSUNAMI (18 mm)

Comfort Mat TSUNAMI (2nd layer) is an updated product in Comfort Mat Expert range of materials.It is an acoustic foam AcoFoam II, made on the basis of a mixture of synthetic rubbers, 18 mm thick with a strong sealant type adhesive.

The material is designed for installation on the external “panel” of the door, for professional high-quality acoustic preparation of the door volume. Eliminates negative and acoustic phenomena: reflection, standing waves, superposition of waves one on top of another (“ECHO” effect). It greatly improves the sound quality of acoustic speakers, and is also an excellent noise isolator.


Thickness – 18 mm,
Sheet size – 350 x 500 mm,
Adhesion – 5-8 N / cm,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd layer.
4 pcs in one pack.

Place to use:
Doors/Wheels arches

EAN 4640107332558



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